GetSocial Overview

GetSocial is a software as a service powering the mobile growth stack from UI to infrastructure, so you don’t need to invest in development for months.

Decrease your marketing spend and boost user lifetime value. Enable easy app content sharing, run referral campaigns, connect users and recommend friend-of-friends, create in-app forums and re-engage users with social push notifications. Easy.

Select your platform and get started in 10 minutes.

GetSocial by Platform

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  • User Management

    Create user profiles and authenticate transparently for the user.

    Introduction | Best Practices
  • Social Graph

    Connect users and provide friends recommendations.



GetSocial SDK v5

With the release of SDK v6 we officialy deprecated SDK v5. All services remain supported but for new clients we recommend integrating SDK v6.

Documentation for SDK v5 moved to a new home.