Introduction to GetSocial Activity Feeds

GetSocial Activity Feed

Activity feed allows you to increase user engagement. Users can share their achievements or news, communicate with each other and get activities of other users, like them, or get likes, comment other posts or be commented. All this can help you make a new world inside your application and bring a social component there.

On the other side, Activity feed can be used for Announcements. You can share new features, advertise or announce some information over there.


Key Advantages

  • In-app community: Create a community of users by letting them communicate with each other, share tactics, screenshots, brag about achievements and more.
  • Community Management: Manage your in-app community by responding to your users, and posting announcements to promote in-app items, events, other portfolio apps etc.
  • Automatic Profanity Filter: Monitoring user-generated content 24/7 is really an insurmountable task. It’s tough to keep up with user commentary at all hours of the day yourself, and hiring staff to focus just on that may not be cost-effective. Therefore, GetSocial’s activity feeds have an auto profanity filter that weeds out inappropriate content.
  • Content Reporting and Moderation: Apart from automatic profanity filtering, any user-generated content withing the app may be manually moderated through the Dashboard. Users have the ability to report spam or inappropriate content from withing the app, developers get notified about this and can act accordingly: delete content, ban users for some time, etc.

To learn more read our blog post about the benefits of activity feeds.

Global Feed

Global feed in GetSocial represents default global timeline of your application.

Custom Feeds

Custom feeds allow you to split general timeline into few topical ones. Custom feeds can be used in different cases:

  • Feed per level;
  • Feed per world;
  • Feed per clan, guild, etc;
  • Feed per item (weapon, shopping item);
  • Groups of interest;
  • Countries, Cities, Languages;
  • Anything you can imagine!


Announcements are high-priority activities in feed, posted by developers from Dashboard only.

Announcements have a lifetime and are available on the timeline only in a range of time it was created for.

Use an announcement to share:

  • Promotions;
  • Advertisements;
  • Discounts;
  • In-App Events;
  • In-App Support;
  • Just say “Hello” to your users;

For example, you could announce to the users, that only during this day they have unique chance to buy a “Dragon Skin Armor” with 25% discount or visit “Quest of True Love” from 14 till 21 of Feb. Or you can announce about some App changes, like new features, new rules, etc.

You can also choose in which feeds announcement should be displayed - obviously, you won’t offer to buy the “Crown of Flower Princess” artifact in the “Rough Bikers” feed.

For convenience, announcements can be created for the future, so you can create one in Dashboard for each day of the week and it will be shown automatically to your users. You can also update already expired announcements to show them again.

Action Buttons

Activity Feed Action Buttons

Action buttons let users interact with your application in GetSocial Activity Feed.

Using action buttons you can nicely improve your announcements - by clicking the button, the user can be automatically redirected to store with new items, starts playing new quest or receives a discount!

Also, you can make your communication between users richer! For example, allow users to post activities with button “Get extra life!”, so users can share a gift between each other in honor of some holiday, or just for fun. Or, if a user can not kill a Super Strong Boss, after third attempt he has a chance to ask for a help - this will create a post with a button “Help me to kill that boss!”. Clicking on it starts a battle, where users are together in a party to defeat evil Super Strong Boss!

By the way, each action button click is tracked by our Analytics feature, so you can easily measure which information is more or less interesting for your users and use it in future.

Content Reporting and Moderation

User Reports Content as Spam

Both automatic content purification and manual content moderation is described in details here: Reporting and moderating Content.

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