GetSocial Analytics Overview

Tracked Events

GetSocial SDK and API track the following analytics events automatically, without any extra effort on your end:

Session events

  • App session start: when GetSocial SDK is initialized
  • Content session: when any of the GetSocial UI is shown.

Invite events

  • Initiated: when users initiate the invite process.
  • Sent: when users (successfully) send an invite. In case of some invite channels like WhatsApp, Kik, Kakao, etc. we don’t get any confirmation back and therefore we assume that the invite was successfully sent.
  • Cancelled: when users cancel the invite process, this is tracked only for channels like Facebook, Email, SMS, Twitter and Native share that provide such callbacks.
  • Clicked: when users receiving invite, click on the invite url.
  • Install: when users receiving invite, successfully install your app.
  • App open: when users open the app from our invite links (via App Stores in case of an install or via deeplinks in case app was already installed).

Activity feed events

  • Activity posted: when users post an activity.
  • Comment posted: when users comment on an activity.
  • Push notification sent: when a push notification is sent as a result of users commenting and/or liking another user’s activity.
  • Push notification received: when a push notification is received on user’s device as a result of someone commenting or liking their activity.
  • Push notification clicked: when a user clicks on the push notification received.

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