To provide the best user experience for the users GetSocial SDK supports multiple languages.

Supported Languages

Currently GetSocial supports 24 languages. Missing your one? Reach us at support@getsocial.im or via the support channel in our Dashboard.

Language ISO Code
Chinese Simplified zh-Hans
Chinese Traditional zh-Hant
Danish da
Dutch nl
English en
French fr
German de
Icelandic is
Indonesian id
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Malay ms
Norwegian nb
Polish pl
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br
Portuguese pt
Russian ru
Spanish es
Swedish sv
Tagalog tl
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
Vietnamese vi

Changing SDK Language

On the application start GetSocial SDK automatically fetch device language and start using it. If language is not supported SDK falls back to English.

It is also possible to set the SDK language manually, see the snippets below for details.

Using GetSocial UI?

To reflect language change in GetSocial UI, views has to be reopened.


Language constants are defined in im.getsocial.sdk.consts.LanguageCodes class. To change language, call on the app start:



Language constants start with GetSocial_Languages_* prefix and are defined in GetSocialConstants.h file. To change language:

[GetSocial setLanguage:GetSocial_Languages_Dutch];


Language constants are defined in GetSocialSdk.Core.LanguageCodes class. To change language, call on the app start:

GetSocial.SetLanguage (LanguageCodes.Dutch);

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