Deep Linking Setup

Deep Linking provides a way to open mobile app or appropriate Google Play/App Store app page from GetSocial Smart Invites and Smart Links.


Project Configuration

To set up deep linking follow the next steps:

  1. Login to the GetSocial Dashboard.
  2. Go to the App setting section.
  3. Ensure that Package name and Signing-certificate fingerprint fields matches the app you are integrating:

    GetSocial Dashboard - Android Package Name Configuration

Setup Deep Linking

GetSocial Gradle Plugin configures everything automatically. If you’re not using plugin read how to configure Url schemes manually.

Validate Deep Linking

  1. To validate configuration, send a Smart Invite and click on the link, your app should be opened:

    Smart Invite via Twitter with Custom Subdomain

  2. To validate configuration for Android 6+:

    1. Go to “App info” -> “Open by default”, domain(s) specified in the intent filter should be listed in “Supported links” section:

      Supported links section

    2. Send a Smart Invite and click on the link, and the app selector screen with your app should be opened or you have to be taken to the app directly.

Next Steps

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