Setup Invites Channels on Unity


Setup Invite Channels

GetSocial Smart Invites has two types of Invite Channels:

  • The one that works out of the box, e.g. SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Kik, Line, Twitter.
  • Ones that require integration of 3rd-party SDKs: Facebook.

In this step, we will integrate GetSocial with the 3rd-party SDKs.

Setup Integration with Facebook SDK

GetSocial is compatible with Facebook Unity SDK v7.x, older versions are not supported. Integration does not require Facebook application installed to be able to send invitations.

Facebook is deprecating App Invites

Facebook is deprecating App Invites from February 5, 2018.

New GetSocial integration with Facebook will allow posting Smart Invite to the timeline, friend’s timeline or a group. To upgrade, replace FacebookInvitePlugin with FacebookSharePlugin .


  1. Integrate Facebook Unity SDK into your app as described in the Official Guide.
  2. Copy implementation of the Facebook Share plugin from GetSocial GitHub repository into your project.
  3. Register plugin with GetSocial before inviting via Facebook. We recommend registering in GameObject.onStart() method:

    void Start () {
        // ... other code
        GetSocial.RegisterInviteChannelPlugin(InviteChannelIds.Facebook, new FacebookSharePlugin());
  4. To validate integration, open the GetSocial Smart Invites view:


    The list should contain Facebook:

    GetSocial Smart Ivites View

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