Deep Linking Setup

Deep Linking provides a way to open mobile app or appropriate Google Play/App Store page from GetSocial Smart Invites and Smart Links.


Dashboard Configuration

When the app will be live in the App Store, copy the App Store ID to the Dashboard. We use this ID to redirect user to the correct page from the Smart Invites Landing Page.

To set up deep linking:

  1. Open your app in the iTunes web.
  2. Login to the GetSocial Dashboard.
  3. Ensure that Bundle ID, Team ID and App Store ID are filled and matches the app you are integrating:

    GetSocial Dashboard - iOS Apple App Id Configuration

Project Configuration

iOS Installer Script configures everything automatically. If you’re not using the script read how to configure Smart Invites manually.


If app doesn’t open after the clicks on GetSocial Invite Link, one of the following may be a problem:

Option 1. Outdated provisioning profiles after enabling “Associated Domains” for your App ID. To solve it, just download the latest provisioning profiles from Xcode settings or

Option 2. Universal links do not work with wildcard app identifiers (i.e. im.getsocial.*). You have to create a new specific app identifier and new provisioning profile for your app.

Option 3. New app.entitlements in not included in the correct build target. To solve the problem, include app.entitlements into the desired build target.

Next Steps

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