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Landing page

Landing Page

When users click on Smart Link on the operating system other than iOS or Android, a landing page with an image and text describing your app is shown.

Smart Invites Landing Page on Desktop

“Text me the app”

For users accessing the Smart Links on Desktop, we provide an opportunity to SMS themselves the invite link. Clicks on these links enable us to redirect them to the appropriate app store with complete attribution and tracking.


Landing page contains Google Tag Manager ID. It allows you to retarget users who visited your app’s landing page in promotional campaigns.


Texts and images on the landing page can be configured on the Dashboard.

GetSocial Dashboard - Smart Invites Landing Page Customization

  • Description: A short description of your app, similar to the one that you provide in the app stores.
  • Image: Upload an image that demonstrates the attractiveness of your app.
  • Fallback URL: An URL pointing to your app’s landing page. This URL is optional. However, it allows us to redirect users to your app’s landing page in the event of our systems being down.
  • Google Tag Manager ID: Google tag to track visitors on the invite links and to create custom audiences that can be used for retargeting campaigns.

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