Overriding Link Parameters

All GetSocial Smart Links support adding custom data to existing links, as well as overriding existing custom data via URL query parameters.

Adding Custom Data

You can add any custom data by appending query parameters to the URL. For example, if you want to add the key/value pair foo=bar to the Smart Link https://myapp.gsc.im/qwe123, simply usehttps://myapp.gsc.im/qwe123?foo=bar.

If the key foo already existed within the custom data of that link, the value will be overriden. Both the new value and original value can be retrieved on the SDK (see API reference for Android, iOS or Unity).

Adding Custom Path

You can also add a custom path to the URL, after the GetSocial-defined path, but before the query string. For example, given the following link:


you can add a custom path like this:


Overriding Landing Page Contents

Depending on various parameters, sometimes we need to show a landing page for deep linking. Text, images and videos used on these pages can be set via the Dashboard. However, you can also override these properties on a per-link basis, using the query parameters below.

Parameter Explanation
$title Use this value instead of the app name as landing page title.
$description Use this value as the landing page description. Note that unlike on the Dashboard, this override is not localized and will be used regardless of the user’s language.
$image URL. Use this image on the landing page.
$youtube_video Use this Youtube video instead of any existing image or video on the landing page.
$redirect_url If set, all clicks on this link will be redirected to this URL.

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