Introduction to GetSocial Smart Links

Smart Links

Smart Links are powerful marketing links that work on every platform and every channel.

They are similar to our Smart Invites except that Smart Links are created manually from our dashboard to be used in your marketing activities outside of your app. Smart Links are useful if you’re creating one-off links to share on social media or run marketing campaigns.


  • Share anywhere: Use our Smart Links on your marketing campaigns as they work for all users across every platform, completely supporting contextual and deferred deeplinking.
  • Convert your mobile web traffic to app users: with our Smart Links, you can seamlessly transition users from your mobile and desktop website to the equivalent content within your app. Using our Smart Widget, users on your desktop website can SMS themselves the link and continue the app install process on their mobile device.
  • Links that survive app installation: Smart Links work seamlessly across both the App Store and the Google Play Store. This doesn’t just make the installation process smooth, but also ensure the recipient receives the content shared with him (whether or not they have your app installed).

List of Features

  1. Create, Update, View and Archive links:
    • Create as many links as you need.
    • Update link information and its content.
    • View, search and compare links grouped under campaigns.
    • Archive links that are no longer valid.
  2. Contextual Deeplinking and Deferred Deeplinking: contextual deeplinking is similar to deeplinking with an additional functionality of storing information about campaign, channel, medium and other custom data provided by you. This allows you to push metadata through the App Stores right into the app to create a personalized onboarding experience for your users.
  3. Webhooks: providing real-time event data for every app install events with contextual information. Details in the Webhooks documentation.
  4. Tracking and attribution: our proprietary device fingerprinting technology provides complete tracking and attribution. Get insights into campaign, channel and medium performance, compare performance of individual link in a campaign etc. See more details here.
  5. App store detection: our Smart Links automatically detect user’s device and direct them to the appropriate store. iOS users are directed to the App Store, Android users are directed to the Play Store, desktop users are given an opportunity to SMS the link to themselves to continue the install from their mobile device.
  6. Branded Links: Brand all Smart Links with your own custom domain. Check the configuration process on Android, iOS or Unity.
  7. Retargeting: Clicks on our Smart Links add users to your retargeting campaigns.

How Does it Work?

Smart Link Flow Diagram

Each Smart Link can have the following elements configured:

  1. Name: name you give to a link so you can find it later on our dashboard i.e. to update link or view its performance.
  2. Campaign (or Influencer): every link belongs to a campaign, e.g. “Summer sale”. Campaigns usually contain one or more links so you can analyse its performance later and see where your campaigns are most effective e.g. you could be running the summer sale campaign on multiple channels like Facebook, Email, LinkedIn etc so you can compare the results to see where your marketing is most effective.
    You can also create multiple links for an influencer.
  3. Channel: the marketing channel where you will post the link e.g. Facebook, Email, Linkedin, Twitter so you can analyse its performance later.
  4. Medium: The advertising or marketing medium, for example: cpc, banner, cpi.
  5. Description and Image: to populate the Open Graph tags that are used when sharing on social networks.
  6. Custom Data: i.e. your link’s data dictionary. For every link you can provide custom data that will be passed along to your app after install (or directly via deeplinking). You can also receive the same custom data via webhooks. By default we send the link name, campaign, medium and channel information that you have defined for the link.
  7. Link Url: You can define your link a custom domain, i.e. the suffix after the domain (to customize the domain, refer to the documentation for Android, iOS or Unity) . If you don’t choose an alias, a short alias will be automatically generated.

    Link custom domain can not be changed

    Once the link gets created you won’t be able to edit this alias anymore.

Smart Links Smart Invites
Useful for creating links to share on social media or run marketing campaigns Useful for user to user app invites from within your app
Links created manually from Dashboard Links created dynamically from the app using our SDK
Analyze performance of links, campaigns, medium and channels etc Analyze your app’s k-factor, cycle time, invite funnel, invite channel performance etc

Before launching a marketing campaign with Smart Links you have to:

  1. Integrate GetSocial SDK to the application you want to promote. See the guide for Android, iOS or Unity.
  2. Configure application to handle deeplinking. See the guide for Android, iOS or Unity.

Next Steps

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