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Introduction to GetSocial Notifications


GetSocial Push Notifications

Push notifications are proven to be one of the most effective tools for the user re-engagement. GetSocial brings it to the next level with Social Notifications and Smart Targeting.

Social Notifications notify users about social events in your app, for instance when someone has liked your activity post, commented on activity or your Facebook friend started using the app. Delivering socially valuable push notifications to your users can increase day-30 retention by 3-10x.

Smart Targeting is a re-engagement tool to segment and target your users based on their in-app behavior and manually send targeted push notifications to each segment. Visit Smart Targeting guide to learn more.

This guide explains how to set up GetSocial to send and receive push notifications.

Key Advantages

Highly engaging notifications

GetSocial push notifications have higher open rates. Social Notifications generate notifications with high social value.

Simple setup

If you already had push notifications configured in your app, enabling them for GetSocial is a matter of providing keys and certificates on the GetSocial Dashboard, no changes needed on the client side.

Next Steps

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