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Get User Objects


Get Current User

It is not possible to obtain the instance of a current user object, but SDK provides methods to read and update user properties via GetSocialUser class.

More information:

Get a Public User Profile

On iOS public user profile is represented by GetSocialPublicUser class. Object is read-only and provide access to name, avatar url, list of identities and public properties.

The easiest way to get an instance of GetSocialPublicUser is by GetSocial User Id:

[GetSocial userWithId:@"GetSocial User Id" success:^(GetSocialPublicUser * _Nonnull publicUser) {
    // process user data
} failure:^(NSError * _Nonnull error) {
    // Ooops. There was some error while getting other user details.

There are also couple of another methods to get users:

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