GetSocial Dashboard Roles and Permissions

GetSocial Dashboard supports three different access levels:

  • Admin has full access.
  • Developer is similar to admin but can not edit the list of team members.
  • Marketer is limited to interacting with the community, setting up Smart Invites content and managing Smart Links.

Detailed list of permissions for each role:

Marketer Developer Admin
Edit Company Info
Add team member
Edit team member
Remove team member
Edit profile
App Settings
Create App
Edit App Name/Avatar
Setup App Platforms
Setup Push Notifications
Setup Link Domains
Smart Invites
Setup Landing Page
Edit Invite Message (Text and Image)
Change order of channels
Enable/Disable Channels
Smart Links
List links and see stats
Create links
Edit links
Archive links and campaigns
Activity Feed
Post activity
Post announcement
Edit announcement
Comment on activity
Like activity
Delete activities, announcements and comments
See notifications
Mark notification(s) as read
List reported content
Close reports
Ban and Unban users
Smart Audiences
List Audiences
Create Audience
View Audience Insights
Edit Audience
Delete Audience
Smart Targeting
List Notifications
Create Notification
View Notification Details
Edit Notification
Delete Notification
Data Export
CSV Export
View Analytics

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